Why I Did Not Die


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A Book on a Life of Resilience; a Life of Hardiness; a Life of Pliability

Lessons taught through real-life near-death incidents.

   Life & Death.
   A simple cycle.

   Are Birth & Death not prescribed?
   Is Death not a side effect of Living?

   Are we given more than one chance, for our last day to be our last?
   How does one contest fate?

   After life, death has to inevitably follow.
   It is simply written. Is this fate?

Roxana Jaffer, a passionate catalyst for positive change, leading with a heart, is devoted to making the world a better place.

With a prestigious education from Harvard Business School and an MBA in leadership, she is a visionary in the hospitality industry, combining her expertise with heartfelt humanitarian efforts. Through her partnership with United Nation’s World Food Programme, Roxana has touched the lives of 517,325 undernourished children around the globe.

Under her tutelage, her workplace hotel has earned the esteemed Arabia CSR Awardfor seven consecutive years. Roxana’s many achievements include being honoured with the “Most Influential Women Leader Award,” as she finds success in empowering underprivileged communities.

As a founder of not-for-profit NGO: “abc: an advent for building human capital” (www. myabcfoundation.org), she has positively impacted the unemployed youth, resulting in helping over 70% of them find meaningful jobs.

Her creative spirit shines through poetry, showcasing her resilience and spirituality. A Parallel World (Amazon: http://bit.ly/parallelworld).

Roxana’s journey is one of determination and compassion, leaving a lasting mark on the world and inspiring others to join the cause of positive change. Her creativity outpours in her expression of words, perhaps a result of the eight instances when ‘she did not die’.

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