From Brokenness to Whole

Rema El-Sayed

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In the midst of pain and darkness, keep a hopeful heart. Know that there is a way out. It is a way you may have never thought existed, but it does exist, and it exists in your core. Look deeply, take a long deep breath and find your realness. Sit in the stillness of your mind and hear your true Self speak out to you, hear it say, in the language of love, “You are not what is happening. You are not this pain and chaos; you are an eternal-invincible force that is designed to live triumphantly!”

Go ahead and access that God-given divine truthfulness, get ready to understand your godly invincibility, and then master it by becoming what you are.

Rema El-Sayed is a wife and mother of two boys. She earned her bachelor of arts degree in psychology from Athabasca University. She is passionate about learning truths and believes that one should constantly be deciphering truths from illusions. She is a poet and Reiki energy healer. She is also a blogger on Facebook. In her page called Bursting Reflections in Poetry, she shares poems, philosophical and psychological quotes. She believes that the more we understand our psychology, the easier it is for us to understand who we are.

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