Divine Love

Heebr Qalami

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The book consists of stories and poems about the greatest love, divine love, and light. The hearts of lovers go to light by the order of the owner of light. She loved the light, so he loved her, and he inspired her to reach it.

The book also contains experienced wirds that lead to light and tranquility, a sense of divine greatness, strength and empowerment in the human life, putting him in the circle of love, light and certainty.

I loved your light and your love, so my love guides me to your connection, and my heart reaches you, so my soul followed, an eye weeping and a hand that rises to your supplication and forgiveness.

Praise be to You, many good and blessed praises, your heavens and earth made me in the position of your praise and gratitude. My condition in your land is like the story of Younes in the belly of the whale. How beautiful is your kindness and forgiveness. You gave me the strength to praise you and worship you, and you chose me among the crowds to connect with you. How beautiful is your love!

Oh most Merciful, most Forgiving, my Creator, I adore You, and so your lights, your sky, your kingdom, your angels, and your creation. My soul wanders in your great kingdom witnessing the beauty of your work and your greatness, oh great, generous, vast forgiveness.

Azza Salim Al Ketbi…

A mother of three children.
Writer in the love of God and the lights of the kingdom.
Lover of the clear light.
A lover of the Noble Qur’an and the God of the universe and the kingdom.
A graduate of the University of Sharjah, majoring in Physiotherapy.
She holds a master's degree in physical therapy, and loves to read and write, and all sciences of awareness and self-development.


The science of Psyche.
Theta science.
Mechanisms of liberation.
An abyss of drawing.
A lover of awareness and self-development.

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