What I Saw on the Horizon

Sulaiman Ahmad Abdullah Al Hawaj

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It is not the business of any human being to appoint himself as a guardian over people. God Almighty has granted us absolute freedom to believe or disbelieve. Each of us has a message to present in this life.

Who are you when you are dead under the dirt, naked, with nothing but the white shroud?

Falsifiable concepts abound: what is right for some is often wrong for others, and thus nations, societies, families, and individuals have become divided.

In this book, I convey a radical qualitative shift in myself, reflected positively and kindly in my life, through the principles established in the Holy Qur’an. The blessed verses represent self-existing truths, as they cannot have a contradiction or a counterpart. Since the source of transmission is God Himself, it cannot be compared to what is transmitted through humans in terms of sacred beliefs and information that all people wonder about.

To God be the credit and blessings for guiding me to the straight path and teaching me what I did not even dare to think about.

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