Muhammed PBUH in the Eyes of His Loved Ones

Sara Alhatty

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The Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him) had many loved ones, how did he treat them? How were his manners with them?

This story will tell you about that, and when you finish reading it, you will find a wonderful bond of love and intimacy tied between you and the Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him). This bond and connection develop through recalling situations of the Prophet (peace be upon him) dealing with societal groups that exist in your personal life, such as your sister, your uncle, your friend, the servant in your house and the children around you, and this will help you to emulate these situations in your life, and will encourage you to follow the manners of our Prophet.

Questions were added to every story to make you wonder and think about how we should be treated, and how we should treat the people around us, in order to reinforce the idea of adopting the morals and manners of the Prophet in our lives.

Sara Alhatty is a mother of three children (Mays, Sally, and Rima). She studied translation and is passionate about reading, especially reading about everything related to children and childhood.

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