We Meet In This Place

Faisal Barout

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Incorporating the rules of human development into thoughts is the means by which I can reach the largest segment of those interested in content, as the common observation that I receive constantly is: “These words represent me.” Therefore, I try to focus on the most prominent common emotional and developmental issues, and formulate them in a way it fits with the proposition presented, so I guarantee that everyone who reads this book will find a part of it; Either by describing a situation or an answer to a question or confirming information, so I hope that whoever finds something from it in this book can write to me, and whoever has a note can contact me through the communication channels shown.

Faisal Barout is an Emirati writer and journalist, holder of a Bachelor’s degree in International Relations, a Master’s degree in Diplomacy, and a holder of an International Training License.

He aims to integrate human development sciences in the field of writing thoughts.

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