We Live with Hope

Badrya Esmail Abdul Rahim Al Zarooni

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The book is a contemplation of daily life situations and characters that we meet in the surroundings of our private and public life… It is a message for everyone who sees with the eye of insight what the eye can’t see, it is an invitation to rearrange ideas according to what the soul senses and not according to what is traditionally inherited in our culture generation after generation. Some situations in our lives are messages to redirect our awareness towards things, and to reconsider from a different angle to get the whole picture clear. The book is an invitation to life, starting with the mind and spirit to self-reprogram our lifestyle, and opening the closed windows in our souls towards spaces of renewed hope and certainty in God; That the future is more beautiful, as the rainbow decorates the sky only after a rainy night, and that the most difficult setbacks cannot defeat a person who still holding to hope for the soul to bloom and white roses scatter on the roads of his future life.

Badrya Al Zarooni..

She holds a bachelor's degree from the United Arab Emirates University in Al Ain, College of Science, Department of Chemistry.

She holds a master's degree from the same university, College of Education, specializing in curriculum and methods of teaching sciences specialization.

She worked as a secondary school chemistry teacher, then a school vice principal for academic affairs.

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