The Thoughts Of A Teenager

Maha Al Maazmi

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Sometimes, the most painful lessons in our lives can be the simple mistakes we encounter each and every day.

Being a teenager can be hard but I frankly believe it is one of the important stages in life. Not only am I changing on the outside, but I’m also changing on the inside as well. I meet new people, I take the good and leave the bad; I meet other people, I take the bad and leave the good. At this point, it’s just how life is. After developing many friendships, the realization hits: you realize that nobody can be trusted, not your best friend, not your classmate, or even your sister. Therefore I learnt the hard way that writing your thoughts and feelings down is a better way of relaxing than trusting someone will ever be.

Maha Al Maazmi is a young girl experiencing life, she gained friends and lost some. She went through many lessons in life but one thing mainly stuck in her mind, “trusting yourself is safer than trusting others.”

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