When Death Stopped

Samer Qasem Almoghrabi

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Suffering is a pain that resides in the depths of the heart, but it does not stop issuing the sound of groaning, clinging to the walls of darkness, begging for light and fate to come out to embrace the end.
What about death if it stops? And what about time if it lengthened and expanded?
A lingering pain that accumulates one suffering after another, a boredom that drags our imprisoned souls into the closed circle of immortality, floundering in bodies that are not fit for immortality after death, which was their way to escape, has stopped.
The novel deals with the events and stories of people who are captured by the chains of pain, waiting for the last hope to stop their breath and escape with their tortured souls, and death meets them by apologizing for doing its job.

The novel also reflects the strange human contradiction between it’s attachment to life and abandonment of it, and the absurdity of eternity on human life, despite man’s continuous research in the past, and what he is trying to find to achieve in the future.

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