The Way Out of Boredom 2

Grace J. Choi

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“The Very Bored Butter Slice” is the world’s laziest condiment you’ll ever see. It sleeps on its piece of toast all day, snacking on cookies and jam. But fear not! The formerly “Very Bored Fluff Ball” is called into the Way Out of Boredom Inc. by the one and only stranger. After a short explanation, the Fluff Ball sets out to find the Butter and take it to the scorching deserts of the United Arab Emirates. Will this trip be the solution to the Butter’s laziness and boredom?

Hello! My name is Grace Choi. I went to so many amazing places while living in Italy and got inspired to write this book. I wanted to share my experience with those who are unable to come to Italy due to COVID-19. I hope this story made you feel like going on a trip to Italy with Fluff and the stranger!

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