Trilogy of Al Morgan and the Sea

Wad Alseemat

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This book is a trilogy novel (three novels in one book) whose events are connected and some of its main characters move between the three novels. It is about the biographical literature, but it chronicles life events that are not related to the author’s biography only, but extends mainly to the environment in which the author lived and grew up, and moves between them, with a focus on folkloric life, customs and social practices in a way in which the author deliberately attempts to document those habits, and prevent of being forgotten by the new generations in the Sudanese and Egyptian-Alexandrian society, in which he lived the events of the novels, and in which the author tries to put the non-Arab reader who is far from the Sudanese and Arab environment, to understand those Sudanese and Arab customs and traditions.

The author pours his life into the three novels, and highlights in a picture with great urgency the human aspects of that life; Therefore, he put the novel’s triple dilemma: poverty, love, and ambition, so the events of the novels oscillate around this meaning. While we find the author very lucky with regard to love, we find this luck collides with the dilemma of poverty, ruining every opportunity, and always collides with the dilemma of ambition, so you find the author always sacrificing his love for the sake of his ambition, so his love always dies from its beginning, and turns into a dilemma.

This trilogy novel is a real event that happened and includes the names of those who experienced it, but some of the females’ names were removed due to special circumstances, and some sensitive events were slightly modified.

Othman Yassin Muhammad Ali, Sudanese, a doctor specialized in psychiatry, studied medicine at the University of Alexandria, specializing in the joint board of the Imperial College, University of London and Ain Shams University.

He worked in Sudan and in some of Arab Gulf countries. He worked as a psychiatrist, as an executive director, and as an expert in health planning at the Ministry of Health.

He has literary and cultural interests since the early days of studying in general and university education, and he used to publish a magazine called (Caricatures) during his university studies.

He has many books in the field of specialization in psychiatry and some published research.

He has publications in the field of health management, including what was published by the WHO Office for the Eastern Mediterranean at his expense.

He has books on political thought.

His other literary novels will be under publication.

A political activist, he publishes his articles in the media on a regular basis.

Activist with some organizations in environmental conservation affairs.

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