My Lost Fati


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For my child, my best friend, and my dearest sister:

I wrote these lines while recalling every moment that  I passed by when I lost you  my love.. How difficult and cruel those moments are; My tears wetted the pages of my papers, and my heart ached and bled again after your separation.. How hard I had to work, remember and write all those painful moments, and go back and live that dark cold night with all its moments; So that I can convey my feelings to every honest and trustworthy friend who values friendship, and convey to all people the meaning of true and pure friendship and the meaning of loyalty and sincerity to friends. Sincerity is that I remember you and pray for you and insist on praying, and I do not give up or hope and I keep holding on to the rope that binds the living to every dear and dear who has lost or left this mortal world.

An Emirati writer who loves to tell stories and writes for children and young adults.

It was published for her: The Novel of the Wonderful Djinn Tree, Part One

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