Age and Ink

Rafif Altourki

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An entire life with all its sizes, experiences, and expertise brought together in this book Age and Ink to be accessible to my dear readers. A selection of articles that touches the soul, delighting it at times and irritating it at other times, in an easy and clear language that puts the idea without complication in the mind of the reader. The confusion of a woman… her love, her spirit, her victories and her failures, then the cries of a society that is slipping us into nothingness, so we write, trying to adapt without abandoning the solidity of our foundations. And finally, the earthquake and cracks of the homeland, and the conscious nostalgia chooses its ink forcibly to write its words. A conscious writing with diverse life experiences that slowly tested the world, and slowly the writer wanted to put it in the hands of the esteemed readers in an attempt to change. Honest writing, sometimes thunderous, painful at other times, and elegant sadness seeps from all its letters.

Syrian lawyer, novelist and social activist.
A descendant of an ancient literary family, she is the granddaughter of the great writer of Aleppo, Professor Sami Kayali, owner of Al-Hadith magazine, whose pages included articles and letters of the most famous and most important Arab writers at the time.
Supervisor of my beloved Aleppo website.
Age and Ink is her first publication by Austin Macauley Publishers.
Moving away from the homeland was the first motive for the writer, whose feelings overflowed, and the ink was a mirror of nostalgia.

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