Thirty emotions getaways!

Rawan Jeadari

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Who is he? It is said that he embodies the coldest degrees, more intense than summer’s heat, and warmer than spring.

Of an unknown gender, he might be the most wonderful young man for a girl, and the gentlest girl for a materialistic man turned into a liquid in tears, solid in every joyful occasion, and vapor in the breath of lovers.

The urgent need is hard to satisfy with what?

The preoccupation is more than any profession, the definition that does not possess the knowledge of the one place where the soul reaches before the body, the greatest joy if one owned a Disney world that accompanied every development on Earth, witnessed the oldest trend in Roman times, and witnessed the latest trend in the twenty-first century.”

I twist and turn in stakes hotter than the fire's fever, fleeing from ice from afar that they see as water, all of them from the land of dust except me, fallen from the sky, staggering like a melting sponge.

Whoever touched me, I became water in his hands."

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