A Moment that Equals a Life

Saliha Alsahdi

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We can change the life that we don’t desire, or we can achieve the life we desire, mainly through realizing that it doesn’t take us a lifetime to achieve it, but rather, we can achieve it through taking a few moments to make the decision we want to see happen.

There are decisions we took in the bat of an eye and felt their effects until the end of our lives, and there are decisions that we stopped for a few moments before making them, preventing the end from being the beginning.

Just as everything in life has two sides, moments also have two sides; the positive side is that they stay with us for a lifetime under the label of memories, and the negative side is that they happen quickly like the speed of a burning fire.

Always remember, my friend, that you are the one in command of all your life moments, and that you always have the choice to carry those moments with you.

How beautiful it will be when time passes by and you recall memories that were only of your choice alone, and how difficult it is when you remember other moments and recall the memories that were made by others for you!

Yes…There may be moments of regret and sadness, not all of them are joyful, but how beautiful it is to regret your own choice and learn from the mistakes you made, and how difficult it is to regret the choices of others for you without learning from them nothing except saying no!

Saliha Alsahdi is from Saudi Arabia. She learned a lot from the experiences that she faced in her life path, and she realized that every experience she was going through did not need much time to pass, but rather a single moment of realization that might change the course of everything that was happening with her. Therefore, she wanted to reach as many people as possible to tell them about the power of the moment.

Just one action may change you for the better, or for the worse... A moment of pause, a moment of progress, or a moment of remembrance that you may make may kill you or may revive you, and you always have the choice as to what you live and feel in that moment.

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