The Story of Everything

Feras Al Qseery

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We have always had questions about our world. We find mysteries whichever way we look. We always aspire to understand the world in which we find ourselves in, and we resort to any means necessary that bring us closer to that understanding.

Scientific discoveries have profoundly changed our understanding of our place in this world. Those discoveries that have allowed us to weave the story of our world based on experience, evidence and facts.

The story of our world begins with telling the story of the science that made us learn about it. When did the story of science begin? Who are its first heroes? Why did it stumble and get weaker? How did it start again? And who are the heroes who contributed to that new start? How did the story of science help shape the world we live in today? What is the structure of matter? How was it formed? And what is the story of our understanding of it? How was our universe born? What are the stages it went through? And what is the story of our knowledge of that? What is the story of the basic structures of the universe, from galaxies to stars, to our solar system and its planets? What is the story of the Earth? How was it formed? What are the stages it went through? What’s our story? How did we start and tame our world? What is the story of ancient, medieval and modern times? Finally, what do we envision for the future?

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