The Grizzled

Abdullah Alkeaid

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I have never known homelessness as I’ve always had a warm place, I enjoyed warmth and coziness, and even while I sleep I do not worry about the cover, as there are those who put a cover on me with the spoiled “Soso”.

My situation is completely different now, as I have been loitering from sidewalk to sidewalk, alley to driveway, and even the nap that I used to enjoy under the air-conditioning of the small room, I have become afraid of the sun’s flames under the cars parked in the neighborhood, and the heat of the asphalt roasting my skin. When I saw an old cat whose legs could barely carry him, he looked at me for a long time, wagging his tail and he says:

Just as the spoiling accumulated the fat of your thighs, the flames of the city  will melt you until the fringes of your eye, grizzled”.

Abdullah Alkeaid is a Saudi journalist and writer. He wrote a column in the Saudi newspapers, Al-Riyadh and Al-Madina, under the title: (The Caravan is moving) for more than 22 years.

He has published three books in succession: (Between the Past and Present), (Hymns. Facebook) and (Those Who Flew with the Omelets).

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