The Friends of the Garden

Heba Atiyh Saado

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The Friends of the Garden series is a collection of short stories that take place in a beautiful garden. The heroes are three friends; A butterfly, a dragonfly, and a bee… We will live with them exciting adventures and entertaining events that will transport us to a world of fantasy and beauty, and through which we will meet other new characters.

In each story our friends face many challenges, we will see how they will be able to solve them together, and what is the lesson or information we will extract from each adventure.

Heba Atiya Saado is a Syrian writer, born and lived in Aleppo. Since her childhood, she has been distinguished by her love of the Arabic language and her elaborate writings on various literary topics.

I graduated from Aleppo University, Department of Economics. She moved with her family to live in the United Arab Emirates. She studied and specialized in teaching and began her career teaching Arabic to children. Reading stories has become an important and enjoyable part of her daily life. She pursued her passion for writing targeting her childhood age with meaningful and useful short stories.

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