The Black Massacre

Walaa Ali Bahazeq

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“I am Shruti Patel, and I want to relay this message to you. I used to live in the British city of Birmingham, until the beginning of the year. My daughter Ciara is all I have left from my husband, Dylan. What I remember very well is that we were in the summer of 1980 in Birmingham, the weather was hot, but my body was boiling hotter inside, I was in maddening pain. My heart was throbbing and beating in overlap with the sound of my mind…”

“Nothing can heal my wound, that wound will never heal, even after I die I will still be able to feel its pain…”

The Birmingham tragedy is not yet over, it seems, as the murderer has disappeared without a trace…

There is no deep definition of the writer and no long words to describe her, she is just a person who sits in the writers' corner, who does not like coffee and does not sway to the melodies of music in search of her greatest inspiration.

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