CORONA: The Game Changer

Mizhab Panamkavil Shaji

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Join the journey of Joe, a boy who is illegitimate and adopted, as he tries hard to find his mom in this big universe. Follow him in his journey of finding his mom. He is striving hard to live in this world of mysterious people with different personalities and backgrounds. Will he survive? Follow him on his journey and find out what happens to him.

He was a person who started reading from fourth class. We had no idea that he would write a book and we always used to tell him to do something productive rather than wasting his time in video games. He got the chance to write the book in this period of lockdown during exam time. When he used to write we scolded him because he wrote the book without even studying for the exams and we never expected him to write a full book. From a small age itself we thought that he would become a writer but we had no idea he would write a full book.

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