The Black Cat

Nouf Al Nouaimi

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London, England. The year is 1995. After a string of murders, the police suspect a serial killer. Detective Eric is assigned to solve the case, and receives the help of Emelia, a teenage girl, whom he previously saved from a house fire. She happens to be resourceful regarding such matters because of her obsession with detective novels.

The criminal always leaves his signature at the scene of the crime: a drawing of a black cat is always found on the left cheek of the victims, along with some mutilations of the corpses. It is as if he were leaving a message, which Emelia interprets as, “I don’t hear, I don’t see, I don’t speak.”

Unexpected events take place after the criminal dubbed ‘The Black Cat’ appeared with a completely different killing method for his new victims, leaving the corpses in a similar place, and here the events begin and the detective’s attempt to solve the mystery with the help of the young teenager.

Nouf Al Nouaimi is a graduate of the Institute of Applied Technology in Applied Mechanical Engineering and a current BSc student in Mechanical Engineering.

An ambitious and passionate young woman, she is good at drawing, sewing and design, in addition to her fondness for reading and writing, and she makes it clear that she is passionate about engineering and mechanical manufacturing.

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