Dr. Mohammad Amer Al Mardini

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A horrific traffic accident leads to a serious injury of the wife “Lama” while she was helping her husband, “Hany“. She becomes disfigured, and after a while, her husband leaves her wandering with the beautiful domestic worker “Radia“, who in turn had an affair with the doctor “Ghassan” who was supervising the medial situation of Lama, and gives birth to a disabled child.

A German couple adopts the child after taking him for a medical treatment in Germany, they named him “Haikou”, who a world genius in mathematics despite his severe disability.

After a while, Haikou was able to gather his biological parents, Radia and Ghassan, with him in Germany, who disappeared later on in a mysterious circumstance.

Dr. Mohammad Amer Al Mardini was born in Damascus in 1959. He obtained a Bachelor's degree in Pharmacy from Damascus University, and a Ph.D. from Humboldt University in Germany in 1988 with a specialization in drug control.

The author has many books in the field of drug quality control, but his first satirical collection of short stories "Stomach Acid" was his starting point in literary writing.

He continued writing short stories in satirical literature to collect them in his second book entitled "Trapezoidal Stories", to be published soon.

His curiosity prompted him after watching many television works to write drama or what is known as irony literature, to publish his first story or novel entitled "Desires".

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