Slave Women’s Eye

Shaikha Aljowaied

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In the ancient era of concubines, three exceptionally beautiful girls named Luluwa, Jumana, and Sofia found themselves at the center of a captivating tale. Each possessed unique and enchanting qualities that distinguished her from the others.

Their story unfolded in a distant, mysterious land cloaked in an impenetrable darkness. Despite their fervent desires, events took an unexpected turn, defying the girls’ wishes. Driven by a shared longing to transform their lives and escape the confines of this remote realm, each of them embarked on a journey of change.

As their paths diverged, a series of thrilling and tumultuous events unfolded, accompanied by an intense yearning to discover the fate that awaited the separated friends. Along the way, they encountered a myriad of situations, some tinged with sorrow, others filled with joy.

One can only wonder, what ultimately became of these remarkable young women? Did their lives undergo the profound transformation they so desperately sought, or did the currents of destiny carry them in directions they never intended?

Shaikha Aljowaied

holds a Master’s degree in Education

Member of the Advisory Council of the Emirate of Sharjah

From 2019 - 2023

She began writing for children, published a collection of children's stories, and participated in many awards

She published two novels: “The Khan in My Heart” and “The Whisper of fate”.

She holds many courses in self-development

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