Rafid (the Smallest Efficient Product)

Mohammad Ali

Total Pages: 200


This book deals with everything related to the development of technical products and is characterized by the fact that it presents the subject from an Arab perspective, and from the experience gained in the field of emerging companies in the Arab region.

This book meets an urgent and growing need in the region, as the field of technical product management is a relatively new field in the region, especially with the increase in the number of technical services companies in the Arab region.

In this book, the author provides an adequate and detailed source for those who wish to know the details of the product development process, which any Arab product manager needs at the beginning of his career, by explaining and detailing the steps and stages of building and launching products, starting from knowing the requirements, passing through product design, and all the way to launching the smallest efficient product.

The book also deals with the best international practices and practical frameworks followed in this field with local and regional projections commensurate with the specificity of the culture of users in the region, in addition to some tips related to ways of managing interactions with team members, promoting work culture, and the creativity environment in the product management team.

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