Bees and Beekeeping in the United Arab Emirates

Dr. Denis Anderson & Ihsan Abu Alrub

Total Pages: 280


Bees and Beekeeping in the United Arab Emirates (UAE) marks the first publication in the UAE of a book focusing on bees, honey bees, and beekeeping. Wild and managed bees are known as “keystone species” because of their significance as pollinators of flowering plants in nature and agriculture, but despite this, little is known about bees in the UAE. This book is designed to captivate a broad audience, blending general knowledge about the diversity, significance, and conservation of bees with specific insights into challenges unique to honey bees (Apis mellifera) in the UAE. Key topics include sustainable beekeeping practices, managing hives in hot, arid environments, and identifying and addressing major pests and diseases. Special attention is given to the wild dwarf honey bee (Apis florea), a prevalent species in the UAE. While not a basic guide to beekeeping, this book offers valuable information for both novice and experienced beekeepers.

Dr Anderson is an international bee scientist, best known for discovering and naming the Varroa Mite (Varroa destructor), the most serious pest of honey bees globally. With a PhD from the Australian National University, Dr Anderson has spent the past nine years working to improve the beekeeping sector of the United Arab Emirates (UAE), under the auspice of the Abu Dhabi Agriculture & Food Safety Authority. During his tenure, Dr Anderson has put UAE beekeeping on a more scientific and sustainable footing, and overseen the development of the ‘Emirati Bee’, a line of honey bee that is well adapted to the harsh conditions of the UAE.

Dr Abu Alrub is an experienced agricultural researcher, who has led numerous research initiatives at the Abu Dhabi Agriculture and Food Safety Authority in the UAE. Prior to her work in Abu Dhabi, she served as the Director of Field Crops at the Palestinian Ministry of Agriculture. With a PhD in Crop Science from the University of Copenhagen, Dr Abu Alrub’s research and academic journey underscore her profound interest in genetic diversities inherent in landrace plants. Broadening her scholarly pursuits into the apiculture domain and the world of honey bees, Dr Abu Alrub has notably played a monumental role in advancing honey bee breeding programs and enhancing the sustainability practices of beekeeping in the UAE.

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