Promotion of Nursing Pre and Post Open Heart Surgery

Dr. Fathia Saeed Salih Mohamed

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This book promotion of Nursing Care Post Open Heart Surgery is designed to provide a comprehensive view on open heart surgery nursing care which is a critical surgery. The team should be qualified enough to deal with patients who need intensive care which is the care provided to a someone who requires close observation or specialized treatment that cannot be provided in general wards. It will be of great value for nursing students at various levels as based on the U.S National data base of nursing Quality Indicators. The aim of the study was to promote nursing management post open heart surgery and the study population was 98 nurses working in intensive cardiac care for at least than six months. They were selected by total coverage method for data collection. Interview and observation checklists were used over six months, the variables were the procedures which should be done for the patient after open heart surgery. The author has emphasized the importance of training in this part of surgery and how it was the most influential factor in nurses’ performance as they will be able to provide an excellent service if they are well trained.

Dr Fathia Saeed Salih Mohamed is an Assistant Prof. in Nursing. She has an MSc in cardiothoracic nursing and graduated from Khartoum University in1998. She also has a master's degree in nursing from the University of Medical Science and Technology, (2006), and a PhD from Gzira University (2013).

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