PIE: Performance Invoking Equation

Alanood Walid

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Brew some tea and bring your favorite fork, you’re about to enjoy something truly delicious! Performance Invoking Equation,
PIE, is your saving grace at work. It helps you develop the right mindset and gain the right tools to help you constantly do a good job while still allowing you time to perfect your craft and not get burned out.

This self-help book is a culmination of my own experience and experiences of people close to me. We were some of the youngest global VPs, worked in agencies to launch the world’s largest projects, brands, mingled with the famous, set up businesses, inspired many, painted walls, got on our knees and packed goodie bags before a big launch and regardless our upbringing and privileges, or lack of, we always chose to learn. We chose to stay humble and hungry. We chose to find a way and that’s what PIE is about.

Alanood is a seasoned Marketing and Communications professional
that has taken on roles across global agencies and government entities.
She was a driving force in launching landmark hotels, international
events and TV shows. She has overseen regional accounts for local
and international companies, most of which are household names.
Alanood continues to play a role in the region’s Marketing and
Communications landscape; helping to bridge purpose and passion
with consumption.
In her free time, Alanood is with her family, friends and her little guy.

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