The Lost Episode in…

Shaza Hussain Tallo

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For whom is this book? It is for every free adult human being wherever he is on earth, who is open-minded, desires to learn and change, loves Almighty God and acknowledges his oneness whatever his religion, and loves himself and the people of his society, wants to get rid of psychological pressures and enjoy his daily life. I offer him this book, which I have tried very hard to present objectively to discover the hidden points behind the difficult problems. It discusses some issues in a smooth and new way, and presents many interesting realistic stories, and many deep ideas. Among these issues: How do I make from my prayer the source of my strength and happiness? How do I enjoy my life? How do I make peace with myself? Who is my faithful advisor? How can I sincerely forgive and let go of the pain of the past? Can I paint my destiny with my own hands? How can I solve my problems easily? How do I overcome anxiety about the unknown future? And many, many more. So search with me, dear reader, for your lost episode between the chapters of my book; perhaps you will find it with an idea, a verse, or a story, and then you will live a life filled with bliss. I also wish my dear readers to have an enjoyable and useful time and to live a new experiences by applying some of what was mentioned in my book.

Shaza Tallo is a certified social counselor and trainer, with more than fifteen years of experience in counseling and training.
She holds two diplomas in family counseling, a bachelor's degree in family sciences, and a master's in human development for the youth category.
Through her work she wants to...
First, contribute to family counseling.
Second: Prepare future mothers to achieve professional, social and educational excellence.
The principle that she follows is: "The mother is a school. If you prepare her, you will prepare a people of good races."
She believes in voluntary work out of her sense of social responsibility as a specialist in the humanities.
Her hobbies are: reading, scientific research in the educational field, and recently writing.

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