Passionate Love

Wiam Al Khaifi

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Our story was the most beautiful tale, is it not true that everything has an end?”
“You were my one and only dream, the one I always prayed the universe to keep. But fate played its game… it brought us together in a minute, then kept us apart for years. We can’t overlook your actions that went beyond the heart and shattered its peace.”
“How did we drift apart? How did the distances become our comfort after being our torment?”
“How did love fade between us?”
“I do not know, but the book will answer for me.”
“Here are my feelings.”
“Here is my joy and sorrow, my comfort and ease.”
“Here is my breaking and withering, my ailment and remedy.”
“Here are the harsh blows and disappointments of harsh love.”
“Here are messages and emotions I couldn’t muster the courage to express.”
“Here is the self-esteem of a lover, infatuated in love.”
“Here is the music of love and the painful melody of parting.”
“Here is my love.”

Wiam Al Khaifi is a young woman in her early twenties, passionate about writing and drawing. Poetry and songs moved her to another world.

Her journey began two years ago; she would translate her sweet and bitter emotions onto paper, making paper, pen, and letters her eternal companions.

She is the girl with the pure heart, fearing to utter a word, and remains hesitating within someone's chest, afraid to express herself fully... That is Wiam.

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