No place for me in this world

Sara Abdulla

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They entered the room, which was two meters in length, and stood in the center.

Rana didn’t yet lift her head, as though she weren’t standing in front of the husband with whom she had spent seven years.

She sighed softly, extending her hand to place it on his chest, while he placed his own hand on her waist.

For a moment, they stood motionless. Everything paused. No breeze flowed through the window, no car passed on the road, no new star twinkled in the sky. The world seemed to hold its breath, waiting for that moment.

The couple took a deep breath, and their movements began to paint a picture as exquisite as the finest works of Da Vinci.

Gentle steps seemed to kiss the ground, warm breaths enriched the sound and desire of the music, and a sense of complete tranquility pervaded, as if the distance between them hadn’t changed even a millimeter.

They became one body, one meaning, one existence, and one purpose.

Now they are there, and nothing in the world matters except that they are together.

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