The Mystery of the Strawberry Cake

Dana Badar

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Cuppy Cup arrives at Times Square, New York City at one America’s biggest makeup events, ‘Shade Away.’ She is greeted by thousands of fans; she then asks the worker to fetch her a cappuccino. As the worker came back, she was appalled to see that the worker ordered her a latte. After complaining, Cuppy Cup sits in her chair while a makeup artist is applying her makeup for the event.

Cuppy gasps when she sees her reflection in the mirror. The makeup artist apologizes and begins to cry. Lola (her assistant) returns with her cappuccino accompanied by Wendy, a young girl with long brown hair who resembles Wendy from Peter Pan. The makeup artist exits the room and the girl named Wendy says that she was the winner of the ‘get to meet Cuppy competition.’ She gives Cuppy a piece of strawberry cake, but it seems to give Cuppy a stomach ache. The next day she wakes up, realizing that she has switched places with Wendy and is now a regular teenage girl.

Cuppy then realizes what it’s like to be a normal girl and she has to face the consequences of her actions…

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