The Price We Pay

Abdullah Alreesi

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This book contains twenty topics. The contents of these topics revolve around the price you pay. It may be cheap sometimes, and it may be expensive at other times. The price varies according to our ideas and the perspective of each individual in this life. Some people may see that what is paid in this aspect is a cheap price, and the other party may see that it is expensive because of the value he has that led to increasing the price. We see with our eyes not with other people’s eyes, and we will fully realize that man maintains his right to reason and think, to comprehend the meaning of a thing, and make things right. This book emerged to give us lessons in some of the things that we have forgotten and do not want to remember.

Abdullah Alreesi is a self-made person. He loves his family, which represent a huge part of his life, and is constantly searching for stability, happiness and what is the best for his family. He aspires to be a permanent social figure. He loves volunteer work and has interest in science and knowledge. He has completed his university studies and reconnected with his hobby that highlights part of his personality in writing, producing, poetry, and drawing.

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