A Grain of Sand

Nouf Mohammed Salem Al Khalidi

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Dear readers, life is a small novel that we must learn from, to live happily, despite its trials and tribulations… And shout loudly, “O human, you are still alive and life on this earth is possible.” It is not sufficient just to live, it is imperative to live well and harmonize and coexist with others’ hearts, like the harmony between sand grains. And be sure that life has purpose, compel your imagination to achieve it, like sun is the source of life for the whole world but there is no life inside it. Life is more meaningful than imagined by people and those who want it; they should be adventurous, courageous, and continue to do good deeds… Don’t forget that life is a hope… Smile… and the future will be well by God’s will.

Nouf Mohammed Salem Al Khaldi, writer from Saudi Arabia was born in Dammam, Saudi Arabia in 1983. She graduated from the University of Arts in Dammam. She is interested in reading stories based on reality, stories of Gulf and Arabian drama, and writing short stories and some novels. Grain of Sand is her favorite novel.

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