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Miss Sunshine has faced an unlucky streak throughout her life. Growing up alone, impoverished, and under constant attack from the school bully, her childhood was challenging. However, her fortunes begin to change when she meets a not-so-lucky duck, sparking an adventure that spans the globe, filled with endless opportunities under the sun. Set in the jungles of South Africa, the duo battles a dangerous King Cobra. Narrowly escaping death, they embark on many adventures together.

It’s said that you’re either born with luck or without it, but Sunshine and her duck live a life brimming with infinite possibilities, proving that happiness is within reach. Despite the myriad of challenges she faces while growing up, Sunshine chooses bravery. Her unusual source of courage makes all the difference, shaping a joyful life for them both.

Firmly believing that the sun will always shine, Sunshine’s optimism leads them on unforgettable adventures. They refuse to be defined by hardship, choosing instead to craft a beautiful story of their own.

This book is perfect for adventurous boys and girls who possess a bit of bravery, lots of optimism, and believe that with a duck named Lucky, anything is possible.

Living in apartheid South Africa, a little girl with nothing to lose lives positively. In Lucky, Jessica Mars offers a positive interpretation of living in a discriminated era with a myriad of setbacks. Mars starts with a little girl on a farm who, at her core, is aware of her circumstances and accepts her reality until a lost duckling enters her life. This story is the gift of life, and therein lies our propensity to choose positivity over adversity. Jessica Mars is a mother, and this book was written during COVID-19 locked down with her children, her gift to them to live life positively, as they are her four-leaf clover, her pot of gold at the end of a rainbow, her everything.

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