I Am Free of Your Responsibility

Fatima Salem

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What if you woke up one day and found yourself just lying on a bed in intensive care, and you could no longer move any part of your body, and your eyes remained closed, unable to raise your eyelids, compulsively listening to everything that was going on around you, and not being able to express any reaction. Everyone is saying that you are in a coma, and they are ignorant of the fact that you are alive, and you listen to everything that is happening around you as if you could see?! What if I told you that you are facing a journey in which you would wish a thousand times that your soul would leave your body before being exposed to events through which you will discover facts that no one should know, and that your idealistic view of your life will be upended, so that all becomes upside down at the moment you discover the mysterious side of people you thought you knew, And if you recover, you will not be back as you were?

Fatima Salem - An Emirati writer, she was born in Abu Dhabi and then moved to Al Ain, where she studied chemical engineering at the Emirates University, then worked in an oil and gas production and exploration company. - She launched a website with scientific and cultural articles on a variety of topics.

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