Come Closer

Fatima Saif Almazrouie

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Let’s live life and be happy with them… Let’s live life and worship God by them

This is an invitation, sent to you, mother, and to you, father…

An invitation to be happy with what you have, and what is in your hands

You have in your hands a priceless treasure

They are your joy and happiness in life…

They are the children you once dreamed of

They bring joy and life to your house with their laughs and disputes…

So be happy with them and make them happy and enjoy life with them, as it is moments and time flies…

The child grows up…

Beware of putting yourself in a mold of severe education, as you may lose them young and old

Or an open-minded education, as they may leave you, and you will not find them...

So, you stand in a situation where you bite your hands in regret…

Hold the stick from the middle as much as you can, and let kindness be your companion

Mercy is your way

And stability is your principle…

And their goodness in this world and heaven in the hereafter is your goal

Ask the blessing of God, and God will bless your quest

Fatima Almazrouie, a mother of four wonderful children, the most beautiful gifts of God. She began her life loving reading, especially thoughts, poems and stories, then she started writing thoughts.

She joined the United Arab Emirates University, the College of Humanities and Social Sciences in the field of Islamic Studies for the year of 1993, and after that she graduated with honors to realize her presence in the most beautiful profession that she loved with all her feelings, the profession of education, and it was the most beautiful period in which she was touching hearts and brains. Then she moved to a new stage of her life, to build a family and had her first child, here she decided to enter the most difficult profession in the world, the profession of raising children, which she still enjoys with all its twists and turns, and its challenges, to reap from time to time some of its fruits.

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