Honey of EVE

Mohamed Rafie

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I walked satisfied because God talked to me in the voice of the birds, the sleepy eyes of the cat, the satisfaction of the people, and the tears of the grieved girl that had dried.
The girl disappeared, the question she posed in a previous scene;
“Why do you speak to your God throughout your life, and he did not answer you even once?”
She disappeared and went out of my life forever.
Just because he really talked to me.

Mohammed Rafie is an Egyptian novelist and screenwriter; his work in writing short stories is widely recognized in the region and has won many literary prizes for his stories and novels. In addition, he writes in both literature and film criticism. He has significant experience in teaching script writing since 2010. He graduated from a new technology academy for cinema and worked with famous directors like Khaled Youssef and Rafaat El Mehdi to develop a screenwriting work. Lately, in 2018, he wrote the Karama movie directed by Khaled Youssef.

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