The Gardenia Flower: From Seven to Twenty

Fatima Mohamed Al Shehhi

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The Gardenia flower is a delicate yet powerful flower at the same time. She has continued to achieve much despite the black clouds surrounding her. She steps forward to welcome those who visit her garden, she listens carefully, she responds and is giving, but she does not take. She will give you strength and inspiration and tell you ways to get out of the darkness to be more worthy of knowing others according to her many experiences that made her determined. She leads you to failure at times and to success at other times, and all you have to do is to balance the two, as this precious flower did for years.

Fatima Mohamed Al Shehhi is a medical student at the University of Sharjah and is the 2018 London Innovation Ambassador.
She won first place at the emirate level in the “Secondary Creatives Award in 2020” for writing a short story entitled When Will Peace Prevail? In addition to her many awards and her interest in the Arabic language in all its fields.
Her latest achievement was winning the second place at the university level for designing a poster in the “Creative People in the Fifty” competition for the year 2022, and the first place at the emirate level in the “Sheikh Muhammad bin Khalid Al Nahyan Award for Generations in 2021”, and the gold medal in the “Sheikh Sultan Award for Celebrating the Spirit of Youth" in 2020.

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