The Rat of Marib Dam

Anas Jumaa Haj Hussein

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If you look carefully; you can see that so many things happening around us are coming from an idea that grew in our mind. And a person may take decisions that can determine his destiny in life. What we think of in our mind don’t have only an internal impact, in fact, many actions and sayings coming out from humans are actually what is hidden in the conscience, whether that is directly or indirectly.

Many of the great achievements that we see are nothing but ideas that have been ignited in the imagination of the inventor or the innovator, and there is also a lot of pain and devastation that began with spreading misguidance or submitting a bad intention that ruined the stability of human beings. Ideas have a highly influential energy that is transformed into motives and factors that contribute to shaping and crystallizing the human personality and defining his goals and ambitions.

Mr. Anas Jumaa Haj Hussein; Born in the United Arab Emirates, he grew up in the villages of the Emirate of Sharjah, and went to Sharjah’s school until he finished the secondary, and obtained a bachelor's degree in accounting and a master's degree in project management from Al Ghurair University in Dubai.

He is hafiz of the Quran after joining the Sharjah Foundation for the Quran and Sunnah, a lover of science and education, and participated in many courses in different fields.

After obtaining the certified trainer's certificate, he started training and launched into the world of growth and development. His motto is "Be a key to goodness everywhere."

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