From the Perspective of a Pen

Lina Khaled Saleh Al Ghamdi

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I don’t know! I don’t know if you will pay for this book or not! And I won’t see you peeping inside.. I don’t know if you are curious to know how the king died or about who ate the last piece of candy… And you are not obliged to book a ticket to attend the play of life which will be displayed between my pages… I don’t know if you are aware of whom I meant when I said “very stubborn”, so you don’t have to flip between the pages of my book! But I know that the contents of this book can make you feel what I feel…

Lina Khaled Saleh Al Ghamdi I got used to being cautious all the time and be bold in most cases. I may seem self-contradictory, but I hold a point of view. A girl who has not yet reached the age of twenty years. she is only convinced by words which she has carefully selected.

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