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We are nothing but the fruit of our childhood. How many children and young people have been deprived of the right to a decent life and ended up in shelters and nursing homes, not all of which are actually cared for. In that situation, it is nothing but friendship and love that gives them a reason to fight and live. We want to rest, we really want to rest. But life has made a promise to itself, which is, in fact, the truest of promises. It has made a promise that it will not leave us indifferent and deprive us of stability. Can we tolerate more? How? We have used all the tools of living and patience. So how can we live longer? Can we live longer at all?

Can we?

Waad Sartawi is a holder of BA in communication sciences, who also invested more than four years studying human development sciences, life coaching, social development as well as Filmmaking.

Sartawi is academically accredited in development coaching by the United Arab Emirates & United Kingdom. In addition, she is a holder of the federal accreditation of the practitioner coaches (Calgary, Canada).

Sartawi held human development workshops in various countries including Malaysia, Hong Kong, Georgia, and the United Arab Emirates.

She’s interested in Art, Anthropology, mythology, and in all family-related and social disciplines.

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