H. H. Yussuf

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Their lives turn upside down following a massive disruption to their city. The city is under attack, a lockdown has been enforced and no one is allowed to leave. Lines are cut off and there is no form of communication with the outer world.

Having lost contact with their mother, Layla and Lilly are left to fend for themselves. Although Layla had led a very independent life, having the responsibility of her sister makes it hard for her; she must question every decision and step she has to take. Amongst the chaos they witness, Layla has to try and find their way to a safe location.

Things start to go downhill for Layla but Ayman, who she meets after the incident, doesn’t only sweep her off her feet but helps her stand back on it. His mother, however, can’t stand Layla. What is the reason behind the hate that she directs at Layla and has fate brought Ayman and Layla together to uncover the dark secrets of her past?

Up-and-coming artist H. H. Yusuf debuts her brand-new dystopian novel, a product of her many years of writing, which has allowed her to combine brilliant storytelling and writing abilities in her most anticipated book.

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