Evaluative Thinking and Decision-Making Among Leaders in Higher Education Institutions

Dr. Laila Al Methaan

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This book presents a modern perspective of the decision-making process of leaders through the use of corrective thinking in an effective manner, which is reflected in the performance of individuals in the organization. This, in turn, brings about developmental shifts that raise the level of this performance in a systematic manner that enhances the capabilities of individuals to achieve the goals of organizations.

The author holds a PhD in Educational Administration in the course of Higher Education Administration. She has presented a number of published research and scientific papers, and she has participated as a representative member in a number of professional and specialized committees in the Education and Training Evaluation Commission.

An organized professional personality with supervisory and leadership skills, with a proven record of experience in management, education and training, in addition to the effective results achieved in the projects in which she participated in planning and leadership.

She's passionate about knowledge and work, and she is constantly looking forward to add professional progress and development as an added value to the entity to which she belongs.

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