Significant Ambiguities

Fayza Mohammed Alsubhi

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This book has two parts. First section: A group of thoughts, which are prose texts expressing realistic experiences and situations that were my inspiration for writing it. Second section: It includes my journalistic articles through which I dealt with topics that were and still are the focus of readers’ attention, which received remarkable resonance and great interaction as it sheds light on the reality of society, its conditions and the interests of its members with objectivity, transparency and impartiality.

Fayza Al-Subhi takes humanitarianism as a doctrine and charity as constitution for herself as she is diplomatic by nature, ambitious for success, and passionate about achievement. She matches the description of The Artist of the Arabs “Mohamed Abdu” in his song: “Once mysterious… and once like light.” She believes that great minds have goals, and little minds… their goals are just wishful thinking.

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