From the Edge Of the Abyss To Creative Chaos

Waleed Al Bini

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A short trip that may change your perspective of life once and forever. We start from the edge of the abyss, and there you get to know your true faculties, and then we get out of this edge to start a new beginning with a new concept of the faculties and the true purpose of the things we seek without realizing what they really are, you will truly know what are you seeking for and what you need.. Enjoy the trip

Waleed Al Bini is a Mediterranean man, that sea confined to three continents, connecting the East and the West. In one of those countries, Waleed grew up and studied Sharia and law at the University of Levant and had to stop and travel, and then continue his studies and researches. He obtained a professional master’s degree in psychological counseling with distinction, and several diplomas in mental health, psychological counseling, behavior modification, and a researcher Professional Doctorate in Psychological Counseling. He has artistic activities; Some of them stopped at the experience, and some of them yielded an artistic touch in his life's journey. Art, literature, science and work; These are the raw materials of chaos that sparked the beginning and foundation of Creative Chaos.

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