Echo Of Survival

Jessica Ghazarian

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Out of tragedy something beautiful can blossom.

We can never be truly prepared for difficult circumstances, but how we react when they disrupt our lives makes all the difference. None of us is exempt from pain and suffering; yet, it is for us to choose whether we allow those burdens to strengthen or weaken us.

Echo of Survival offers a wealth of perspective-altering guidance on how to turn your pain into power, your negatives into positives, your losses into wins, and your self-doubt into self-confidence. Whether you are going through a divorce, grieving the loss of a friendship, or nursing broken moments, this book will guide you to a place of confidence, reassurance, positivity, and healing.

Overflowing with profound nuggets of wisdom gathered from true life experiences, empathy, admirable and high emotional intelligence, Echo of Survival will inspire you to let go of every crippling, debilitating barrier in your life and rise above it using kindness, generosity, positivity, love, and compassion.

It will introduce you to the path of a Free Soul Victory.

You deserve a full, healthy, happy life, and it is right there waiting for you to reach out and embrace it.

Jessica Ghazarian is a Lebanese-Armenian writer. She started writing as a hobby in 2002. She holds a Master’s degree in cell biology from the University of Manchester, UK. She is working as a senior channel manager in the genomics field in UAE. She believes that life is simple and complicated, and both are critical assets required to grow and evolve. Jessica loves to run behind adrenalin, take risks, share love, and help people as this flourishes the mind and heart with a flying free soul.

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