Dead Uprising

Faisal Khalaf Almukhlifi

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The child seemed to be pining for questions and found Nabil interested and listening to him. He asked him, “Why all of this is happening? Are we evil or they are?” Nabil paused a little, then smiled at him… He told him, “You have a mind that is much older than your age… What is happening here now has happened constantly. Greed and hatred are always a motivation for someone to hate his brother, and even kill him. Even if you and I see it as pure evil, there are those who see it as absolutely good… It is the belief of man that completely control his actions and his life.”

The author is from Saudi Arabia, holds a BA in Administrative Sciences. He has produced a poetry collection in the name of “Nawaqis Gharam” in 2015. Literary posts by the author: 1- Nominated from the International Literature Foundation Thesar Alejandro Serrano Cultural Foundation (Museum of the Word) in Spain as an ambassador of the Spanish language in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. 2- A poetic participation in the epic of the Arabs, issued by the Abdulaziz Al-Babtain Cultural Foundation, which is a message from poets to the world, translated into several languages, and published around the world. 3- A television interview in the “Poetry Criticism Session” program on Al-Babtain Cultural Channel (Al-Bawadi Channel). 4- Poetry evening of the Education Department in Hafar Al-Batin.

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