Cabin Crew – The Luminaries

Nawres Chikhaoui

Total Pages: 218


Do you see yourself in that sophisticated uniform, meeting striking people and running diverse scenarios every day?

Is your dream growing massively, and you want it ardently, but you do not know from when or where to start?

Using her firsthand experiences and insightful perspective of the role, the author has created this book as a guide to help you spread your wings and reach your cabin crew dream, as to adopt a game-changing approach.

“Aviation is an ultra-beautiful world that I cannot wait to see all of you getting lost in its splendour…”

An aspirant, passionate, and resolute cabin crew that has unsurpassed dedication for soaring, considering it life itself. On crossing miles in 2018 to the UAE for attaining her big dream, Nawres had to face stumbling struggles from a young age, to find herself later, devoted to a bigger mission: the mission of getting to her absolute best while doing what she loves, striving to achieve more of the notable visions, and hence running a fearless and purposeful excursion.

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