Nation Brand: Soft Power and the Case of the United Arab Emirates

Amna Al Hammadi

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For years, countries have been leveraging so-called ‘soft power’ to preserve their interests and ensure their significant presence in various societies, and in the process, building a strong and positive nation brand that has a respected position in the international arena.

The establishment of alliances at state level and the expansion of soft power is now a fundamental tool for many nations to increase their influence and significant presence on the international stage, while enabling them to spread and secure their foreign policy and pave the way to attracting more allies.

Today then, soft power has become an essential method of influencing minds, winning emotions and getting to grips with peoples’ behaviour, social trends, and emotional tendencies.

As a self-motivated, decidedly ambitious individual, Amna Al Hammadi has a strong understanding of equally local and regional customer and market dynamics. She brings over 18 years of experience working in the fields of diplomacy, strategy and communications in different industries, which gives her unique background and expertise.

In addition, Amna has strong communication, negotiation, interpersonal, leadership and consensus-building skills. She is Harvard alumna, specialized in leadership and management and holds an executive master’s degree in international strategy and diplomacy from the London School of Economics and Political Science. Amna also holds a master’s degree in marketing from Strathclyde University, UK; a bachelor’s degree in applied media studies from the Higher Colleges of Technology; and an executive diploma in management from the Chartered Management Institute, UK. On the other hand, Amna is an ICF-certified coach.

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