The Bride of the Tunnel of Flowers

Rahma Masoud

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Amidst the cheering, the mourning, the wailing and the tainted tears, there came the ringing of pairs of bells from afar, they were so loud that everyone at the funeral could hear their earth-shaking hum.

The ringing of the bells was followed by the sound of drums, so everyone got terrified, and they almost vomited their hearts out of fear, and even Nashwan, who is not usually afraid of this matter that he considers a lie, jumped in his place in terror!

Why all this fear and nervousness? Because there is a legend that says: “If the bells ring and the drums follow, then this means that the Bride of the Tunnel of Flowers will emerge onto the wonderful world, and in her appearance there will be an end.”

And the end of what? No one knows what exactly. Is it the end of their existence? Or the end of something else? Is this ending so scary? Is the end so unfortunate?

Nobody knows. They won’t know the answer until she comes out.

Rahma Masoud is a writer and amateur of art, symbolic literature and myths. She considers the novel The Bride of the Tunnel of Flowers: A Virtuous Place her first literary work, and she is looking forward to publishing more works in the field of symbolic and philosophical literature in the near future, God willing.

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